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My Teaching Philosophy

I’ve been teaching art for, ummm…let’s just say a very long time. And over those years I’ve learned the most valuable thing I can do for my students is give them the tools they need to develop their own style. Depending on the class I teach them how to use the materials, the basics of composition, how to see.

I encourage them to experiment, to go beyond what I’ve taught and find their own artistic voice.

It’s about developing confidence. And playfulness. And discovering how much fun mark making can be.

A few student comments from some of my recent classes:

“This is the most relaxed I’ve ever been learning a new technique.”

“I get it–it’s all about LIGHT!!!”

“This is better than therapy, and not nearly as expensive!”


Acrylics: The Basics

This is the class I wish I took way back when…

This class is for you if–

If you’ve never painted before and you don’t know where to start. Or you’ve been painting for awhile but feel like something is missing.

We’re going to start with the basics of acrylic painting and get a solid foundation.

·      MATERIALS: Because there’s so much more to paint than paint. Mediums. Gels. Surfaces. Tools.

·      COLOR: Mixing the color wheel. Creating your own palette. Understanding color combinations. Mixing a glaze.

·      DESIGN: The elements that pull a painting together: space, line, contrast and whatever else.

·      LAYERS: For interest and complexity

·      FINISHING TOUCHES: The little things that make a painting POP. Warning: Mixed Media might be involved.

Classes are held in my Nevada City studio. Space is limited to 4 students per session. Small enough for personalized attention. You’re not going to be lost in the crowd in my class.

There are no classes scheduled at this time

Cold Wax Workshop

Discovering Cold Wax

This workshop is for artists who already have a foundation in painting, who understand composition and color and who want to learn a new medium. I will teach you everything I know about working in cold wax and oils in this two day workshop. Everything.

WARNING: Cold wax is FUN. It’s also totally different than anything you’ve ever done with paint. Think ‘deconstruction’. Think ‘excavation’. Think ‘spontaneity’.

Think all of the above and you might come close to understanding what it’s all about.

Class is held in my Nevada City studio. Space is limited to 4 participants.

There are no workshops currently scheduled


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