Leaning Towards Abstraction

Confessions of a Recovering Realist

Like A Child

But, if you’re like any number of creatives and have this weight on your shoulder, this little voice in your head, this invisible something bitch-slapping your ego whenever you walk in the studio–then read on.

Because Ingrid has something to say.

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Crunch Time

Gather round dearies, I'm going to tell you a story. In the third person (but it's really first) Once upon a time, like today, 'twas the week before Open Studios. Our heroine, AKA, Moi, was sitting at the kitchen table taking a break. She was sipping tea and stuffing...

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Ponies in the Morning

From the Arty Life Classics Collection. This post first appeared in my former blog in 2013 We've been together a long time, two horses, a donkey and moi. We’re all getting old. One of the horses is at the DMD stage, damn near dead. Except even at the overripe age of...

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Ponies in the Morning

ponies in the morning

Two horses, a donkey and moi, a year long love story in photos.

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